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IDFX Pty Ltd develops and maintains a number of business productivity apps.

Mobilise and empower your work force with real time accurate data flows, anywhere, anytime, on-the-road with the jobXpress mobile job dispatch system. jobXpress is designed to give our clients the competitive advantage through effective and efficient work order dispatch management, using GPRS enabled handheld devices with incorporated barcode scanners.

Mobile sales have never been easier. Why wait for the customers to come and find you? With a mobile POS system you can deliver your business right to their doorstep. posXpress. Professional, mobile solutions.

The perfect solution to accelerate business sales. This powerful productivity tool allows users to manage and compile orders electronically anywhere, anytime on-the-road, at trade fairs or in-store selling. scanXpress is a mobile ordering system designed to capture orders rapidly and efficiently on the handheld computer (PDA's) with or without barcoded products, giving our clients that competitive edge, professionalism and growth to their business.

IDFX Pty Ltd also provides custom software development services to tailor exisitng products or develop complete platforms.